Mouse Scrappers DC 35 Blog Hop Kit


As usual, I wanted to make more things but ran out of time.  I want to thank you all for your patience in waiting for me to get this all packaged up and uploaded. I do enjoy these color challenges so much. I hope you will enjoy. Grace & Peace, Cindy

Over the Teacups Blog Hop Kit

Click HERE for the Blog Hop Free Kit

Update – Blog Freebie Delayed

Please check back soon… My apologies!

I have created some nice freebies in the palette of the Mouse Scrappers Design Challenge 35 Palette, however, I am very picky about the quality and attention to detail so my blog freebie is a bit delayed!

I’ll give you a HINT though, Think Tea Party, and that’s all I’m saying…

In the meantime, if you had participated in the challenge itself, this is what I contributed to that so it was shared to the other challenge participants:


Grace & Peace


Word Art for Mouse Scrapper Design Challenge 34 Blog Hop

Hello! First of all, don’t forget to scroll down to the previous post for my blog hop kit!

Here today is a set of Word Arts that I made after being inspired by watching the Avatar movie again.



Download the WA’s HERE

Also, check out the other designers who are participating in the blog hop…

Chef Minnie Mouse:

Mouse Scrappers Design Challenge 34 Palettes

Hi there!

I wanted to share some palettes I generated at Big Huge Labs for the next design challenge at Mouse Scrappers. If you want to participate, then feel free to use One or All 3. I have posted the image of the palette and the .ase file with the photoshop compatible swatch below it.

I will be creating my contribution from among these colors and posting my finished palette on the preview and with my finished kit.

Download .ase file HERE

Download .ase file HERE

Download .ase file HERE

Have Fun & Enjoy!

Mouse Scrapper’s DC32 Blog Hop

Welcome Digi-Scrapping Friends!

I have a lot of gifts for you today to contribute to the Beautiful Mouse Scrappers Design Challenge 32 Blog Hop.

I love the story of the Swiss Family Robinson and their Treetop Home. I love Treehouses in general. Also, you get an excellent view from up in a treehouse so… I chose The Treehouse as my theme this time.

First, let me show you the preview of the kit I made as my part of the challenge. Unfortunately, I am unable to offer this to you here today as it was only obtainable by participating in the challenge. However, be of good cheer, you can start participating in the very next challenge. There are a lot of helpful people and the contribution requirements are not difficult.  So, consider participating in the next challenge.


As usual, I didn’t have enough time to fully explore all of my ideas for this theme. I usually start by creating papers to use in the making of embellishments and I ended-up with a lot of papers in this palette! Here is condensed preview of ALL the papers:


Here are your download links for the Six Folders of all the patterned papers….

Folder 1

Folder 2

Folder 3

Folder 4

Folder 5

Folder 6

Now, here is the kit that I have for you as my contribution to the Blog Hop.

The Treehouse – Blog Hop Embellishments

The Treehouse – Blog Hop Papers

Here is a list of all participants in this Blog Hop…. Have Fun & Enjoy the gifts!

Blog hop:

Cindyrelly ***YOU ARE HERE***



Chef Minnie Mouse




Mouse Scrapper’s DC31 Blog Hop

Welcome to my blog.

Here is a preview of the “Extras” that I made to go with the kit I submitted to the Mouse Scrappers Design Challenge 31.

Download links are below…


Here are the Papers

Here are the Embellishments

List of Blog Hop Participants:

Chef Minnie Mouse: